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            Address: Huangshi Road, Gulou District, Xuzhou City, Jiangsu Province

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            Xuzhou Shuangchi Fire Equipment Co., Ltd.

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            Xuzhou Shuangchi Fire Fighting Equipment Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Huaihai Group. It is the main production base of Huaihai Group’s portable carbon dioxide fire extinguishers, cart-type carbon dioxide fire extinguishers, fire extinguisher cylinders, dry powder and medicaments. The company is located in Yitang Town, Pizhou City, Jiangsu Province In the industrial park, it has production equipment, independent workshops, independent warehouses, and independent offices; the factory covers an area of 200 acres, with an annual production capacity of 4 million fire extinguishers and 15,000 tons of dry powder fire extinguishing agents; an annual output value of 90 million yuan; the company has 230 employees , More than 30 technical staff.


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