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    Talking about the hidden fire hazards and fire prevention countermeasures in "nine small places"

    Release time:2020-09-22 18:49:22      Number of hits:357

    "Nine small places" refer to kindergartens, small catering establishments, small hotels, small singing and dancing entertainment places, small Internet cafes, small beauty bathing places, small production and processing enterprises and other places other than fire fighting units. These places generally show the characteristics of rapid development. Due to the limitation of business model and business strength, there is insufficient investment in the construction of hardware facilities, and there are a lot of hidden fire hazards. Once a fire occurs, it is easy to cause the spread of fire, difficulty in evacuation, difficulty in fire rescue and water supply. Combining the daily work situation, I analyze the main fire hazards in the "nine small" places, and combine the characteristics of the places to talk about how to do related fire protection work and fire prevention measures.

    1. The main fire hazards in the "nine small" places

    (1) The architectural design is not standardized. Some small production and processing enterprises have paralyzed thinking, fail to comply with the relevant technical requirements of the fire protection design code, and have serious violations of regulations. The surrounding fire protection water sources, fire protection facilities and equipment are not in place, water sources are lacking, and roads are "nine". "Eighteen bends", large fire trucks are often inaccessible, laying a hidden danger for fire accidents.

    (2) The concentration of personnel makes it difficult to evacuate. In some bazaars. Operators often make full use of the site area, even in the seemingly vast area, the same is true for the use of site area. Some counters only leave a gap for one or two people, and some aisles can only allow one person to pass. Some set up counters to sell goods in evacuation stairs or rest platforms and stairwells. At the same time, due to the limitation of places, a large number of commodities are stocked in commercial and commercial places. In addition, with a large number of people, once a fire occurs, it is often difficult to evacuate and easily cause casualties.

    (3) There are many fuels and the fire spreads quickly. Some small dining establishments and small hotels often use combustible materials, such as wood, fiberboard, plastic panels, curtains, wallpapers, carpets, etc., and have a large number of sofas, bedding, etc., which greatly increase the fire load of the building. It is easy to catch fire in case of fire. Some modern decoration materials, thermal insulation materials, furniture, etc., use a large number of polymer chemical materials, which are flammable and produce toxic gases after burning, which often poisons and hurts the people and team members present.

    (4) Irregular management. The fire-fighting facilities in some "nine small" establishments are old and aging, and some are through civil housing renovation, and most of their internal decoration, functional zoning, and electrical wiring laying are arranged by the operators themselves; some "nine small" establishments have production workshops and warehouses. , Raw materials, food and lodging are basically together, belonging to serious "three-in-one" or "all-in-one" places; some electrical lines are connected indiscriminately, the number of exits is insufficient or closed, evacuation channels are blocked, occupied, and fire , The use of electricity and gas does not meet the fire protection regulations, and a little carelessness may cause a fire.

    (5) Weak consciousness and poor self-defense and self-rescue ability. In some "nine small" places, the people are concentrated and the composition is complicated. Some people have insufficient knowledge of fire protection work, poor awareness of fire prevention and fire fighting, and often cause fires due to unintentional behavior. After a fire broke out, it often spread because of the above reasons. In addition, most of the operators of the “nine small” establishments lack knowledge of fire protection laws and regulations, have not received fire protection training, and lack the “four abilities” of fire protection, especially the lack of knowledge about initial fire fighting and escape, and lack of self-protection and evacuation in the event of a fire accident. The ability to escape. Once a fire accident occurs in these places, they are often in a state of disorder, which can easily lead to deaths and injuries.

    2. Measures to prevent fire in the "nine small places"

    (1) Strictly control the source. In order to earnestly remove the hidden dangers of "nine small places", we strictly control the planning and construction, business approval, and review of such places. We will not approve those that do not comply with fire protection, let alone put them into use. Installation and use of electrical circuits and equipment For maintenance and repair, the relevant regulations should be strictly followed, combustible materials should be strictly prohibited, all electrical circuits should be inspected and inspected regularly for insulation, and the aging, damaged and poorly insulated circuits should be replaced in time, and the electricity should not be overloaded.

    (2) Strengthen management and implement "self-defense" and "main defense" responsibilities. Guide the owners of the "nine small" sites to establish and improve fire management systems and measures, help the "nine small" sites to establish various organizations and systems from the fire protection business, implement the fire protection organization responsibilities, implement the gradual fire protection responsibility system and post fire protection responsibilities System, clarify the fire protection responsibilities of each level and position, and determine the fire protection responsible person at all levels and positions. At the same time, it helps them establish fire prevention plans and conduct drills to lay a solid foundation for the "four abilities" of the "nine small" places.

    (3) Strengthen fire protection propaganda and training. The fire department should strengthen the education of fire protection knowledge in the "nine small" sites, and provide on-the-job training for the unit’s fire-fighting responsible persons, fire-fighting managers, specialists, fire-fighting managers, and duty and operators in the fire control room to improve their fire protection legal system Awareness and sense of responsibility. All units or business owners should increase the fire protection education for their employees, so that every employee understands the common sense of fire prevention and extinguishing at their posts, and consciously do a good job in fire protection. Carry out regular fire fighting business training to enable them to master the methods to extinguish the initial fire and evacuate personnel.

    (4) Strengthen supervision and inspection. In view of the wide coverage of the "nine small places", the police station shall be fully utilized to strengthen the fire inspection of the "nine small places". Main inspections: whether the evacuation passages and exits are kept in state, whether there are blockages or locking problems; whether the storage of goods in the premises meets the specified requirements, whether there is a problem of storing flammable and explosive chemicals; whether the fire-fighting facilities and equipment are in good condition, the fire in the premises is automatic Whether alarms, automatic fire extinguishing, fire shutters, fire doors, fire hydrants and fire extinguishers, smoke prevention and exhaust facilities, etc. are carefully managed and maintained in accordance with relevant regulations and regularly checked and repaired. Hidden dangers should be rectified in accordance with the law, and if serious consequences are caused, the relevant personnel must be held accountable in accordance with the law, and the investigation and punishment must be increased to create a good social atmosphere to ensure fire protection in the "nine small places".

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