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The work kick-off meeting of Xuzhou Huaihai Fire Group was successfully held

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We have gone through ups and downs together, and we share the fruitful results. Xuzhou Huaihai Fire Fighting Group held a new year's work kick-off meeting with the theme of "Sailing Sail and Recreating Glory" on February 28, 2019. Participants included: Group Chairman Sun Chun, Group Production Base General Manager Chen Yingli, and Fu Dapeng and Wang Shanhua, general manager of the joint market, Zhang Lei, general manager of the group sales department, all sales staff, financial staff, production technology departments and other related personnel of the group.


At the conference, the general manager of the sales department of Huaihai Fire Group-Manager Zhang Lei announced the 2019 sales plan indicators, operation implementation plan and management methods. Manager Zhang pointed out that this year, a restraint mechanism and a sales team with rigorous work style should be established. Under the premise of abiding by market rules and not violating regulations and policies, further standardize market operation methods and adapt to market competition. On the basis of last year's work, strengthen the macro management of sales work, including contract management, credit management, personnel code management, warehouse management, overseas office management, and customer-related process and program management. Speed up the process and improve the systems and regulations related to sales to ensure the smooth progress of sales. This year, the sales department is divided into 5 sales groups according to regions, and the sales work of each group is explained in detail, which points out the target direction for this year's sales work.


Faced with this year’s sales situation, the sales teams were full of confidence. The heads of the team made speeches and reported on the sales plan and implementation plan for this year. They shared their deficiencies and discussed solutions together, and let go The results of last year, with one heart and soul, restarted another new year that is of great significance to the company's development. Manager Huang Ya, as a sales model last year, is still in such an impassioned manner this year. He spoke impassioned and boldly said that "this year's indicators are up to me". It can be seen that our group company integrates traditional and modern management concepts into a corporate culture and a vibrant and close united sales atmosphere.


Fu Dapeng and Wang Shanhua, managers of the outreach department, and Chen Yingli, general manager of the production base, delivered speeches respectively. This year's promotion plan and after-sales guarantee work for bolts, reels, boxes and outsourcing products were described. With the completion of the new production base, the production capacity has been greatly increased. The company intends to increase its efforts in the research and development of new products this year, improve technical requirements, and continue to expand our product structure in line with market demand to form new profit growth points.

Finally, the chairman of the group company-Sun Chun made a concluding speech: as always, we will continue to uphold the company's philosophy of "market is the leader, production is the center, and management is the guarantee". Carry on the past and open up the future to do a good job in personnel training and technological research and development Improve the knowledge of technical personnel, improve the quality of sales personnel, develop competent working habits, continuously deepen and strong willingness, and improve the production of performance results.


After the meeting, we will organize a new year dinner for everyone, talk freely, discuss together, learn from each other's strengths, and also use this opportunity to enhance everyone's feelings. He is busy with work throughout the year, and it is a good thing to sit down and drink alcohol in his free time.


Finally, I wish 2019 to be able to create more glories, work together and strive for success!

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