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Precautions for fire prevention in autumn

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One: Do not pull the wires indiscriminately, use fuses, and it is strictly forbidden to use copper wires instead of fuses.

Two: Keep a distance of at least 0.5 meters between incandescent bulbs and fluorescent lamps; do not use cloth, paper, etc. as lampshades; wires near lamps with poor heat dissipation conditions should be protected by heat-resistant insulating sheaths.

3: Ensure that electrical appliances have sufficient heat dissipation conditions, and do not place curtains, clothing, books, etc. around TVs, air conditioners, computers, electric heaters, refrigerators, etc.

Four: Do not use electric heating rods, hair dryers, induction cookers and other electrical appliances without people, and cut off the power when people walk.

Five: Check the electrical wiring frequently for damage, short circuit, poor contact and other faults, and timely repair if any problems are found.

Six: Use of liquefied gas, coal stoves and other stoves with open flames should have a separate place, maintain good ventilation, and keep at least one meter away from it.

Seven: Develop a good habit of using fire, and don't throw away cigarette butts and matchsticks at will.

Eight: Do not use high-power electrical appliances, and do not use several electrical appliances with a power exceeding 1000 watts at the same time, so as to avoid overloading the line and cause a fire.

Nine: If a gas leak is found, quickly close the gas source valve, open the doors and windows for ventilation, do not touch the electrical switch or use an open flame, and promptly notify the department to deal with it.

Ten: If household appliances or circuits are on fire, cut off the power first, and then use dry powder or gas fire extinguishers to extinguish the fire. Do not directly pour water to extinguish the fire to prevent electric shock or electrical injury

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