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            2020-10-10 17:56:33

            product details

            1. Overview

            The JPS0.8-19/25 / JPS0.8-19/20 fire hose reel is composed of valves, input pipes, reels, hoses and spray guns. Water is used as a fire extinguishing agent, which can be deployed quickly The technical performance of the fire extinguishing appliance that sprays the fire extinguishing agent in the process of the hose meets the standard requirements of GB15090-2005 "Fire Hose Reel". The fire hose reel is generally installed in the indoor fire hydrant box and is a new type of indoor fixed fire fighting device. It is suitable for putting out fires caused by A-type carbohydrates such as paper, wood, cotton and linen fabrics. It is easy to operate, flexible and can be used by men and women of all ages. It is used in shopping malls, hotels, warehouses and residential facilities.

            2. Schematic diagram of fire hose reel structure

            1. Water inlet pipe interface 2. Locking band 3. Water inlet hose 4. Water outlet hose 5. Reel 6. Nozzle joint 7. "Ball valve 8. Sprinkler 9. Rotary arm 10. Connecting pin 11. Safety pin

            3. Model specifications and technical parameters of fire hose reel


            Fixed work stress/MPa

            Inlet pressure of hose reel during spray performance test /MPa


            flow L/min

            Inner diameter of hose/m m

            Hose length/m

            Use occasion








            Non-fire truck



            4, installation, use and maintenance instructions

            1. The fire hose reel is generally installed in the indoor fire hydrant box, and the connecting pin is firmly connected to the fixing device of the indoor fire hydrant. The inlet pipe interface is tightly connected with the pipe interface in the fire hydrant box, and no leakage is allowed.

            2. How to use the fire hose reel: When in use, open the valve of the inlet valve, quickly unfold the hose, and open the outlet valve valve to ensure that the fire hose reel can spray fire extinguishing agent during the rapid expansion of the hose.

            3. After use, drain the water in the hose before reeling to prevent freezing in winter.

            4. The place where the fire hose reel is placed should have a suitable temperature and good ventilation to avoid contamination by corrosive and viscous substances, and should not be near the heat source.

            5. The fire hose reel should be inspected regularly, at least once every quarter

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