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            Wheeled water-based fire extinguisher MPTZ/60

            2020-10-12 10:07:06

            product details

            1. Structure and purpose

            MPTZ/30 (45, 65) cart-type water-based fire extinguisher is composed of head, simplification, injection system, cart walking system, opening mechanism and other components. Using nitrogen as the driving gas, 3% of the simplification (AFFF) -10C) type foam fire extinguishing agent sprays out to extinguish the flame. Technical performance meets the requirements of GB8109-2005. It is mainly suitable for fighting solid fires, non-water-soluble flammable liquids, especially for the initial fires of petroleum products, and combined with a thousand powder fire extinguishers, the fire extinguishing effect is better. It is a good fire extinguisher for enterprises, factories, oil fields, oil depots, ships and other places. It is a new type of fire extinguisher. It is not suitable for fighting water-soluble combustible, flammable liquid, gas, electrical and light metal fires. 3% (AFFF-10C) foam fire extinguishing agent is composed of fluorocarbon surfactants and other additives. Because fluorocarbon surfactants drastically reduce the surface tension of the aqueous solution, it can form a water film on the oil surface. It hinders the evaporation of fuel, accelerates the flow of foam, and quickly extinguishes the fire. It is an ideal extinguishing agent.

            2. How to use

            1. When in use, unfold the hose, pull out the safety pin, raise the handle, hold the spray gun at a distance of about 5m from the burning object, and shoot at the root of the flame to extinguish the fire from far to near.

            2. The best fire extinguishing effect is downwind. Do not directly impact the oil surface when extinguishing the oil fire, so as to avoid the oil splashing and spreading the flame.

            3. When using, keep it upright and never use it lying down or upside down.

            3. Main technical parameters





            Fire extinguishing dose/L



            65 0-5%

            Effective injection time /s




            Effective injection distance /m




            Jet lag time /s




            Injection residual rate / %




            Driving nitrogen pressure/MPa




            Fire extinguishing level

            4A  144B

            6A  144B

            6A  183B

            The use of temperature /℃




            4. Maintenance

            1. This fire extinguisher is a pressure-storage container. Collision should be avoided during transportation and storage.

            2. The storage temperature of fire extinguisher is +4~+45C.

            3. The user shall check the fire extinguisher as soon as it is set up, and then check it at intervals of one quarter. In severe conditions, the fire extinguisher should be checked more frequently and sent to the designated maintenance unit for repair if it is found that the safety device is damaged or lost, there is no fire extinguishing agent, there is obvious damage, corrosion, leakage or nozzle blockage and the pressure indicator is not indicating within the working pressure range or the corresponding position.

            4. Once the fire extinguisher is used, it shall be refitted immediately. Refitted shall be returned to the factory or the refitted deck entrusted by the factory according to the requirements of the maintenance manual.

            5. Fire extinguishers, whether used or not, shall be sent to the designated maintenance unit for hydrostatic test every two years after the expiration of three years from the date of leaving the factory. They can only be used after they pass the test.

            6. This extinguisher is not suitable for electric fire fighting. In electric fire fighting, the power must be cut off first.

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